Ryan Blitzer

Producer & Production Manager

About Me

Ryan Blitzer is an established line producer and production manager in the Dallas-Ft. Worth commercial market.  He works with numerous production companies and international brands in the pursuit of telling finely-crafted stories.

Blitzer graduated with a Masters in Popular Film and Media Studies and dual Bachelors in Film & Media Arts and Advertising from Southern Methodist University.  In his spare time, Blitzer also creates short films and travels the world.

Brands I've Worked With

Working with the best means getting to work with great people!


Blitz Producing

Able to work on a fast timeline and with limited budget.

Commercial Production

Knowledgable in creating commercials of all types. Understands AICP procedures, COVID protocols, Hot Budget, ShowBiz, crew hiring, etc.

Combats Challenges

Solves both creative and budgetary problems to ensure smooth production.


You're invited to see some work I've helped to create!

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Email : Ryan.blitzer@gmail.com

Phone : 954.205.0774

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