Client: Nintendo | Wii U

Role: Director

KEY INSIGHT: Nintendo is a consumer electronics company that creates video game hardware and software for everybody.  To drive relationships, Nintendo has created worldwide, well-known brands, such as Mario and Pokémon, that families enjoy together.

ADVERTISING PROBLEM: The Wii U, one of Nintendo’s newest consoles, highlights a separate gamepad as a technological innovation, yet consumers think that it is only a peripheral to the older Wii console.  This prevents consumers from understanding how it is different than something they have likely already purchased.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: To teach older generations that they can easily connect to their children while also being “cool,” and to explicitly define the Wii U as Nintendo’s newest console, which is different than the Wii.

BENEFITS: Unique play-style, well-known and cohesive brand image, creates own IP and first-party games, party games, interconnectivity with the past

COMPETITORS: Sony (Playstation 4), Microsoft (Xbox One S), PC

TARGET AUDIENCE: Parents of children and young teens (35-59) who have the purchasing power and are looking to connect in a “hip” way to their children and family.

HUMAN TRUTH: With an interconnected and technologically advanced world, parents are finding that connecting to their children via technology is difficult.  Older generations aren’t technologically savvy.

PRODUCT TRUTH: The Wii U allows families to play games together in a technological world.


Director: Ryan Blitzer
Director of Photography: Mathew Brown
Producer: Maria Golihar
1st Assistant Director: Presley Impson
Production Designer: Jessica Cole
1st Assistant Camera: Gio Youssef
Gaffer: Mac Taylor
Grip: Daniel Pappas
Sound Mixer: Ferris Shaheen
Boom Operator: Rachel Cocke
Production Assistants: Alli Barta, Nick Blanton, Albert Perry
DIT: Patrick Byrd

Talent | Spot 1

Dad: Ricco Fajardo
Daughter: Milan Elizabeth Ray

Talent | Spot 2

Mom: Randi Burns
Teenage Son: Matthew Talton

Spec #1

Spec #2