Client: Samsonite

Role: Director & Creative Director

KEY INSIGHT: Samsonite creates luggage withs style, quality, durability and design technology in mind.

ADVERTISING PROBLEM: Advertising for Samsonite is focused on specific product features, which cannot directly to consumers.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: To create a human connection between Samsonite’s luggage and the people using them.

BENEFITS: Variety of styles and durability, depending on what the consumer needs.

COMPETITORS: Rockland, Delsey, it, Briggs and Riley

TARGET AUDIENCE: People who travel and need luggage that can be multipurpose and adaptable.

HUMAN TRUTH: Consumers look for ways to connect with their brand that directly ties products into their lives.  They want to buy products that create meaning.

PRODUCT TRUTH: Samsonite’s luggage helps create memories for those who use them.


Director: Ryan Blitzer
Director of Photography: David Fice
Unit Production Manager: Sara Jendrusch
Grips: Jessica Cole, Cruise Sztamentis
Production Designer: Stan Baker
HAMU: Jessica Cole
Production Assistant: Ferris Shaheen


Young Anne: Cate Stuart
Dad: Beau Thompson
Mom: Ruth Bennett
Granddaughter: Alexis Arnold
Older Anne: Sheri Davis
Teenage Anne: Courtney Mentzel
Husband: Benjamin Bratcher