Genre: Drama

Role: Director

Adam is a player on the local university football team who struggles with a secret.  It’s not the secret you were expecting, either.

In a class my freshman year (Production II – Spring 2014), we were required to write a script and subsequently direct the film in the same semester.  To try and make a larger project, I enlisted the help of 30 of my best friends and set out to film “Reveal,” a drama about the struggle and effects of keeping a secret for too long.  We filmed on location in Dallas, TX in March 2014.

Directed By: Ryan Blitzer
Director of Photography: Sophia Basiliadis
Producers: Cydney Cox, Marissa Jennings, Ryan Blitzer
1st Assistant Director: Trevor Thrall
Casting Director: Jen Grey
Gaffer: Scott Bolton
Sound Mixer: Daniel Pappas
Score: Julian “JSpear” Spearman & Austin Deters
Post-Production Sound: Mary Adger Bowen & Ferris Shaheen

Starring: Matthew Talton, Ricco Fajardo, Gary Eoff and George Colligan

2015 Palm Beach International Film Festival – Official Selection
IndieFest Awards – Award of Merit

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