Genre: Drama
Type: Short; Thesis Film
Status: Film Festival Submissions
Role: Director

Nathan, a young, compassionate and dedicated journalist living in Dallas, comes to learn through episodes of ‘lost time,’ that something is wrong with him.  When Nathan is arrested for a felony that he did not commit, his strength, intellect and stability come into question.  He must work with his best friend, Cooper, Cooper’s teaching assistant, Marley, and his defense attorney to earn the verdict he believes he deserves. 

Pieces is Blitzer’s thesis film, which earned him a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Media Arts from Southern Methodist University in 2016.  The development of Pieces started in late 2014, the. the idea was initially conceived as a web series.  Psychological and legal research tied into the story after months of revision.

Directed by: Ryan Blitzer
Produced by: Ryan Blitzer, Marissa Jennings, Jennifer Grey, Austin Hines, Sara Jendrusch
Director of Photography (1st Unit): Greg Pauley
Director of Photography (2nd Unit): Mathew Brown
Director of Photography (3rd Unit): Sophia Basiliadis
1st Assistant Director: Presley Impson
Gaffer (1st Unit): Mathew Brown
Gaffer (2nd Unit): Brian Mbipeh
Gaffer (3rd Unit): McHenry Taylor
Sound Mixer: Ferris Shaheen
Original Score: Kyle Hartman
Production Designer: Jessica Cole

Starring: Ricco Fajardo, Lizz Bashore, Austin Hines, Beau Thompson, KayDee Carr, Matthew Roy
Full cast and crew can be found on IMDb.

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